Sunday, August 13, 2006

pr grandstanding

have you noticed the news content lately in dubai newspapers and magazines. there seemed to be a growing trend of pr grandstanding obviously by pr agencies. what bothers me is the way the obvious news have become non-reflective of the real scenario happening in town. take the case of topics such as DSS hotel occupancies this summer. You read out that so & so are havig almost 100% occupancy despite heat situations....people are flocking to dubai etc..etc.. due to the exciting DSS activities..etc. etc...But is this the real case? i asked around and spoke to some travel agent friends of mine telling us how they've been bugged by almost every hoteliers in town clamoring for increased guest bookings to meet the periods biz quotas. How pathetic can some pr agencies drum up news grandstanding. Isn't it time we turn ourselves and see the real picture. You are just making fool of readers/customers by grandstanding your news articles only for travelers to end up bemused by what is actually out there.

much bruhaha over liquid banning at airports

i can't seem to comprehend why there is so much public bruhaha on the ongoing liquid bans implemented at the airports worldwide after the much discussed news on the terror plot to bomb airplanes. come on guys and gals, this is for our very own security. why criged on the thought when airport personnel are doing it for our own safety. remember the sept 11 event? doesn't the memory of that day gives you much cringed knowing that we were all unprepared for such massive killing as it was unforeseen. now that the fieldmen are doing there jobs, there seemed to be more complaints. Come on people, give them a break and simply cooperate!!!.

Monday, July 03, 2006

why do you hate modesh?

22.56 am in dubai

i am just as amused as anyone. what the heck is their problem with modesh, the dss mascot. i myself has gotten tired seeing his face and figure plastered all over the city. i simply close my eyes, open it when my young son would shout modesh...modesh...modesh...

at 3 years old, my son can say: modesh smile....modesh smile...modesh smile....(aaarrrgh please stop!!!!)
all i can say is that "cherish it son, for next year you may not see him again"
calling the dss committee: could you think of a new mascot to win us all back in the dss spirit? i feel the city's so grown tired of this once-lovable mascot. let him rest in all smiles six feet down under and give our kids new mascot to cherish with. i beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeg you please, heed my call.

Friday, May 12, 2006

jennifer lopez dubai fans red hot MAD

14.23 pm in Dubai

Millions of UAE and ME fans are MAD at JLO's cancelled dubai show. I am just as disappointed at the annoucnement of the cancellation of JLO's concert in Dubai. Supposedly on 25 April then moved to 26 May to give way to her tour schedules, now it has finally been confirmed that jennifer lopez is not at all coming over to dubai to do a concert. i am a big JLO fan and i always look forward to having the opportunity to watch her show LIVE in PERSON. I am aghast at the idea that there was no valid reason at all for the show's cancellation except for the press release which says "she is not doing it at all". That is very unfair. If at all there was an appropriate reason for the cancellation like the much talked about "might-be-pregnant issue" i would have understood, but to simply issue a press statement saying "she's decided not to do it at all" is simply preposteruos. After all the big fussed about and overflouted press releases put out by the local promoters of her show, i feel it is a matter of having a BIG TIME CAPRICE eating them out!!!! Next time don't bring artists & shows to Dubai that is not at all guaranteed despite contracts signed and sealed. What's the use of contracts anyway if a diva says she feels not doing it she can always swing her wand to her favour. Please just bring some talents that sticks to their words and are not wont to let fans wait only to be teased.

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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

dubai traffic is really dreadful

22.10 in dubai
the traffic today was really really dreadful a.k.a. BAD BAD BAD. if there is anything greater to describe the situation, it's probably anything larger than megalomaniac in totality. i can only wish the government do something to curtail the presence of too may cars on the roads. why cant people simply share cars, rides or have more buses plying different routes at an alternate timing of 5 minutes each trip. if dubai prides itself of another global recognition title...i think it would be appropriate to say, t's the world's capital for traffic. read that TRAFFIC written in capitals.
i was standing on the road around 10.30 waiting for a cab, however i was under the hot hot hot sun for almost 45 minutes and yet no cabs in sight. i was slowly roasting myself under the sun's grilling heat. i have suddenly missed my dear homeland with its tropical weather and seasonal rainfalls at this time of year. so is it now ...welcome summer officially? i hope not yet. i dread the idea of the invasion of the humid summer sun here in UAE. aaarggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..........why dubai, why??????

arabian travel market dilemma

21.52 in dubai
its the first day of the arabian travel market fair today and my wife's almost crying when she got home. she had feet blisters due to constant standing and roaming round the fair to visit friends, clients and partners. she was also crying from the pain of carrying her laptop bag and wished how she did not have to go through the experience. you see, this fair is one of the largest fair taking place in dubai each year followed by gitex fair every september annually. with people and trade exhibitors swelling in attendance each year at the ATM, no wonder the business scenario in dubai's hsopitality sector is continuously booming. i can't help but ask the wife how she was able to bear carrying bagfuls of company brochures, thick and heavy collaterals that ends up most likely in our trash bins by tomorrow. she said she can't bear to say no to people when they insist she take one bag with her after visiting their stands. i think dubai market is brimming with budgets on these collaterals, however, i doubt if marketers really value if their clients or partners are keeping these collaterals or not.well, on this subject of hospitality and realty developments... it's weird but it often crosses my mind when the bubble would bursts. just thinking, not wishing....

Sunday, April 16, 2006

hapi easter to everyone

10.56 evening in dubai

hapi easter to one and all. today's a blessed and triumphant day for christiandom. to all my dear ones who have sent the family wonderful easter messages, we wish you the same. Let this new Easter day be our guide in pursuing a better relationship each day with all our brothers and sisters in Christ.

"a beautiful life does not just happen. it is built daily in Prayer, Humility, Sacrifice and Love. may that beautiful LIFE be yours always. Happy Easter!"

Arabian Travel Market 2006 to see more exhibitors

10.39 evening in dubai

just how many exhibitors are joining this year's arabian travel market fair at the dwtc this coming may 2-6, i still dont have the current count but i was told it is again surpassing last year's figures. my pals who are in the travel trade sector has been both anxious and excited at the prospect of business relationships to be made and sealed this ATM. anxious because of the many competitions cropping up from all corners of the globe. it seemed everyone is jumping on the travel bandwagon. while some hotel chains are busy announcing expansion plans, some chains are keeping silent on their lost hotel accounts. with so many hotel properties in GCC and Saudi Arabia changing tags and banners, no wonder the more aggressive management groups are far better in pursuing businesses when properly bankrolled by their investors. if you want to catch the action of this year's ATM, i enjoin you to be a visitor at the fair and see how the travel and lodging business environment in the UAE and the Middle East has grown in such a period of time.

Friday, April 14, 2006

robbie williams dubai concert overhyped


the pr team behind the robbie williams april 2006 concert pulled a big one for creating the most overhyped stories surrounding the blokes dubai concert. 2 weeks before the official start of the ticket selling in dubai, the dailies came up with a huge story on the biggest star to sell the highest number of tickets for a single show. of course, who else but robbie himself!!!

exactly 2 weeks after that story pop out, the papers were screaming (once again) with headlines that dubai fans were camping out outside virgin stores selling the tickets. these fans were out in throngs to grab robbie's tickets before everyone else. that same week, all dailies were running simultaneous tales on how the tickets sold-out within a day. next came the story about the fake tickets proliferating dubai and that authorities are on an urgent meeting to foil fake ticket gang flooding the market. again, the concert's pr team exaggerated the issue by issuing releases saying holders of fake tickets will not be allowed entry and all sorts of "b--------" blah-blah-blah. can't the dubai publications give us a break about this robbie concert brouhaha. there are better stories to talk about and muse on that maybe interesting for ordinary folks. i do hope editors will be more responsible in their coverages and consider putting up stories that inspire readers (enough of celebrities please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Good Friday

5.44 afternoon

"thank You Jesus for the wonderful blessings you have showered me, my family and dear ones. thank you for this gift of life and everything beautiful , great and wonderful things you've showered me. thank you for the trials that come my way, it made me stronger and faithful in your love. thank you for friends and enemies you have used to make me a better person each day."

may this Good Friday and the period of Lent, prepare us all to welcome God in our hearts with more piety and faithfulness. i wish you all a blessed lent and may we all use this time to contemplate on the many blessings God has bestowed in our lives, all these times.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

bank collectors take note


something funny happened yesterday. fiona had an ear problem due to cotton bud irritation. for over 3 days she has been experiencing hearing problems with sounds buzzing on her eardrums. she couldn't hear quite clearly even if you press a mobile phone speaker right at her ears.

she received a call from a bank collecting agent. they asked if she was enna or something. because fiona could'nt quite hear what she was saying and was doing something else that time, she quickly replied "yes?". thinking she was "enna", the agent started pressing questions
" this is now a thrid notice call for you ms. enna, you have not remittted your bank payment. please pay up or else you face the consequences. we will start the proceedings for you."

naturally fiona's eyes started to bulge and she could'nt help but raise her voice, "what ???? you are trying to scare me, why should i pay up. i don't owe you anything."
"yes you do. this is now the third call we made for you"
"it couldn't be, i always pay my dues on time"
"how can that be our records show you have defaulted on your due date"
"of course i didn't"
"then tell me the receipt number then"
"i dont have it with me" "if you are not going to remit payment, we will start the proceedings against you which will all the more inconvenience you"

fiona started to doubt that the conversation was going nowhere. then she said "look whoever you are, i never am a defaulter you may check my records at (name of bank)...."

"you mean you are not enna (or soundslike) (surname)?" "i'm sorry ma'am, wrong number"

morale lesson to collectors:
do not start mumbling unless you know who you are talking to. besides, it's not bank-friendly when you start threatening clients with so called "proceedings" to pay up their dues. Remember banks are alreadyearning way too much interests and if you want cooperation from your clients, Be Nice To Them at least!

rumours cafe has dubai's best chocolate drink

2.18 morning

i am sipping coffee now while finishing off some very pressing work for presentation later in the day. as i sat up to glance on the piping cup blowing tempting aroma scents, i couldn't help but recall the lovely experience i had at the rumours cafe at coral deira hotel in muraqqabat street. has anyone tried their tradional chocolate drink so far? head down to deira and find out why.

my my my, you should try it!!!! and i insist you should try it. for me, it's so far the most delicious chocolate drink i've tasted. while i do not pretend to be a chocolate connoisseur myself, however, with my penchant for sweets and chocs, this is probably the best place to treat someone to a cupful of hot chocolate drink during this lovely spring season. sticky, fine, dark chocolate that leaves its taste on your mouth long after you've had your fill.

"can i have another one, miss?" you might say to yourself while being attended to by their friendly service staff. oh my!, why did i ever have to describe that choco sensation, now i'm just raring to have one more of it.